Bristol School IT Support

Soft Egg work with over 550 schools in the UK.

We provide IT support services, encrypted cloud backup, secure broadband and ICT services.

As a school IT specialist we understand the challenges involved in providing excellent whole school IT support for your staff and students.

“Soft Egg have, in a very short time, enabled us to put in place systems that are reliable, and robust. This has helped to restore staff confidence, remove barriers from learning and given the children chance to use kit that just works. To do this they have provided knowledgeable, friendly technicians, who explain things clearly and respond quickly to issues that arise. Not only that, but they are proactive and have helped us to identify areas where we need to move forwards. We really cannot recommend them enough!” 

Owen Knowles, Deputy Head, Two Mile Hill Primary School, Bristol

We only work with schools

Unlike many IT support companies, we work only with schools. With over 300 managed services in schools aross England, we understand the challenges of using ICT to maximise your teaching time. We know every little problem can steal valuable classroom time. That’s why we’ve invented our Soft Egg approach to school IT support.  

Daily system health checks

Every morning at 8.30am we check your whole IT network wherever you are in the UK, flagging and predicting potential issues with your IT – which we start fixing right away. Our ‘dawn patrol’ makes sure your school day starts smoothly.

This service can greartly compliment your existing School  IT Managers and technicians.



Our Microsoft Education Licensing Solution is designed to ensure licensing Microsoft software is easier, assuring coverage for all your school’s equipment, under a single agreement which is simple, manageable and flexible.

School Wi-Fi Solutions

School-wide Wi-Fi isn’t a luxury. Access should be reliable and secure for pupils and staff alike. Speed, reliability and safety come as standard with our suite of Wi-Fi management solutions for schools.  

Learn more about school Wi-Fi Solutions

Secure Schools Broadband

Secure, fast, reliable broadband doesn’t need to be expensive.

We provide Education broadband. This fully managed service includescinnectivity, security, user level content filtering and full reporting.

Find out more about fast broadband for schools

Secure data backup for schools

No need to buy or manage tapes. Just decide what you want to backup daily and we will remotely and securely back up your encrypted school data – automatically. Our cloud backup solution is the only Capita approved system for SIMS and FMS.  

Learn more about secure data backup

SIMS Support

Why pay separately for SIMS support? The Soft Egg approach supports IT for your entire school, including administrative software packages. 

SIMS support and FMS updates