IT Equipment For Schools

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We know choosing reliable IT equipment for schools is complex.

We’re here to help explain your choices in plain English, helping you to make choices which balance performance, longevity and value. 


With new computer models being released all the time, we’ll help you strike the right balance between performance and economy when you buy Windows desktop computers, Macs, screens, admin servers, curriculum and exchange servers, software and any other IT equipment you need.

Interactive Whiteboards

We specialise in Smart boards, Promethean, Casio and Hitachi Interactive boards but have an extensive range of other interactive products with touch screen technology to choose from. We offer rear and front projection systems as well as fully integrated all-in-one units. They are available in a variety of sizes, typically 64" & 77" active screen area (diagonal). Please call us to talk about your needs and we will help you find the right solution.


With the introduction of LED, LCD, Plasma and interactive touchscreen televisions, we can help you explore your options. Some schools are starting to replace interactive whiteboards with interactive TVs with screens of up to 100 inches. Call us to discuss your options.


By looking at how you use your printers, we can recommend equipment which balances quality and running costs. School printing should be efficient, hassle-free and cost-effective. Because we have extensive experience in print and document management we can make sure your printing does exactly that.


Soft Egg supply complete iPad solutions for schools. The most important aspect of utilising this great tool into your learning, is getting the depolyment correct from the start. visit our iPads page tp find out more.


Soft Egg supply many different models from various manufacturers, but specialise in Epson, Hitachi and NEC ranging from small classroom data projectors to large performing art multimedia presentation projectors.

school servers

Most schools have 3 servers, made up of admin, curriculum and exchange servers. We are experienced at providing effective sever solutions for schools to make the most of your resources.

Digital Signage

Digital signage will enable you to display information, awards, samples of work, news and events throughout your school & college. From one screen in your reception, to multiple screens throughout your campus, we supply and install the latest in digital signage technology.

Networking Switches and Wireless

We supply and install all networking equipment. We are happy to supply hardware only or carry out full network surveys and make bespoke solutions and recommendations.


The visualiser is a tool that connects to your interactive whiteboard or laptop. Once connected, anything you place under the visualiser camera is portrayed as a live image on the connected laptop and whiteboard. We offer a wide range of visualisers to meet your teaching and budget needs.