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How Technology Partners Benefit Schools

Tue 01 July, 2014

Traditionally, schools use local IT companies to fix problems, software and equipment on an ad hoc basis when it breaks down or presents issues. But this isn't enough any more. Schools need technology partners who will help them achieve more.

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Best Practise For School Data Storage & Backups

Wed 25 June, 2014

How to keep school data safe, secure and fully backed up.

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How Could You Use 47 Hours Of Classroom Time?

Tue 24 June, 2014

Just 15 minutes of small IT problems per day could cost you nearly 47 hours of classroom time per year. But it needn't be like that.

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Setting Up A Volume Purchase Programme (Vpp) Account

Fri 16 May, 2014

To purchase apps in bulk you must have an account for the Volume Purchase Programme for Education. You must register for this programme and be accepted by Apple before you can make use of the education discounts, this process can take up to 5 days so plan ahead.

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Performance And Security For The School Mobile Device Revolution

Fri 02 May, 2014

How to ensure performance of mobile devices in schools whilst ensuring security, e-safety and data protection.

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Where Are Schools Going Wrong With Wireless Deployments?

Wed 30 April, 2014

Primary Schools are looking to connect high numbers of devices to their wireless network. However, as the volume of devices increase so the reliability, stability and speed begins to deteriorate. Find out why and how to solve it.

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7 Years Later: Why We Chose Schools Over Business

Fri 04 April, 2014

We know there are many small IT companies which serve both business and schools. But we made a radically different decision which has paid off over the last 7 years and allowed us to create an amazing service for schools.

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School ICT Support Case Study

Fri 21 March, 2014

Outsourcing IT support is often the most cost-effective way to manage school IT - but not every IT company delivers the same level of service.

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IT Planning, Development & Review

Fri 25 January, 2013

We know that waving a magic wand and replacing everything is rarely an option for Primary schools. Often a more incremental approach is required.

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School Vegetable Growing Club

Mon 26 July, 2010

We strongly believe in supporting schools and the learning and development of their pupils in a variety of ways - it doesn't all need to be about computers!

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New Soft Egg Office

Tue 15 July, 2008

We have moved into our first proper office in 2008. We now have an office, PC workshop and a stock room.

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