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Use This Year To Transform Your School's It Systems!

Fri 04 September, 2015

The start of a new school year is ripe with potential. Make this the year that you utilise our expertise to help you transform your schools provision of Computing.

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Dispelling The Four Most Common Myths About Ipads

Wed 17 June, 2015

iPads are hugely popular in the education environment, but lots of schools are still not getting the best out of their devices. This is mostly due to poor installation and the myths that still seem to cloud iPads, their deployment and their use in classrooms.

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Would Your Schools It Get A Good End Of Year Report?

Tue 16 June, 2015

This year has seen a new Computing curriculum come online, but how has your school fared? How do your teachers and pupils feel about the changes? Is the equipment in your school feeling the pinch? Its time to review your progress and put a plan for change into place.

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West Of England ICT Conference 2015

Mon 01 June, 2015

For a second year in a row we will be sponsoring the West of England Conference 2015. It is an amazing chance to learn lots about the ever changing world of schools IT and we would encourage all schools in the South West to go! For more details read the rest of the article.

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Five Ways To Enjoy Sats Week

Mon 11 May, 2015

SATS week can be a stressful and high pressure week, but it can be fun too. Here are five ways to use technology to lighten the mood (obviously when the serious stuff is done!)

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Three Fantastic Computing Cpd Opportunities In The South West

Thu 07 May, 2015

In the upcoming term six, there are three fantastic CPD training opportunities in the South West. Read the blog to find out more.

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Teacher #appreciation Week - Save Money In The Itunes Store!

Tue 05 May, 2015

It is Teacher #APPreciation Week in America, which means loads of great stuff for US teachers, but now UK educators can benefit too!

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Third Bristol Primary Computing Network CPD Event

Fri 24 April, 2015

Soft Egg know that good Computing in schools starts with confident, competent staff members. Thats why we have arranged three days of CPD for teachers in Bristol this academic year. Click on the blog to see all the resources from the third and final event of the year.

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Beat The First Day Back Blues

Mon 13 April, 2015

It always helps to have something to look forward to, so why not book on to our subject leaders meeting?

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Assessing Primary Computing

Wed 08 April, 2015

One of the toughest challenges of this academic year has been assessing a completely new curriculum. Here is our assessment document to help you get started.

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Is Technology Transforming Reading?

Tue 24 March, 2015

As technology becomes more prevalent in the classroom, new reading experiences are emerging. How helpful are they for new readers?

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Ipad App Review And Lesson - Minecraft Pe

Thu 19 March, 2015

Minecraft is a hugely popular game, which the children in your class love. So, why not utilise that engagement to enhance learning in maths?

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