Classroom Solutions & ICT Equipment for Schools

We provide you with all-important software and ICT equipment for your school, and set up the infrastructure so that your software and devices are fully operational and suited to a school environment.

Microsoft Office Licensing

Soft Egg provide Microsoft Office licensing and full Office 365 packages. Our classroom solutions help you to improve teaching and learning at your school by removing licensing complexity and freeing up your time.

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Soft Egg supply complete iPad solutions for schools, including full integration, printing and technical support. We help you to make the most of your learning tools so that your pupils have access to a wide range of resources and materials at their fingertips.

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Chromebooks are an excellent educational resource used by many schools, but it is important that they are thoroughly integrated with the infrastructure of your school. Soft Egg provide full Chromebook solutions to help schools get the most out of their devices.

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Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive flat screens are becoming an increasingly popular type of ICT equipment for schools and they are a great way for children to learn visually. Soft Egg offer an interactive flat panels service, which includes full provision, integration and monitoring of your devices.

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Additional School ICT Equipment

Computer Equipment & Servers

We’ll help you purchase Windows desktop computers, Macs, screens, admin servers, curriculum and exchange servers, and any other software or IT equipment your school needs.

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