Interactive Flat Panels for Schools

While interactive whiteboards have been commonplace in schools for a long time, interactive screens are becoming more and more popular in classrooms. Interactive flat panels can be an excellent educational resource for schools, particularly in primary schools where younger children learn through visual stimulation and engagement.

Soft Egg’s team of technical experts are experienced in installing interactive screens in classrooms. We provide a full service, which includes installation, set up, and continued monitoring. To work to their full potential, all screens must be linked to the school network and have all the necessary software pre-installed for use in the classroom.

Display and Engage

Say goodbye to the days of interactive whiteboards with burnt out projector bulbs, faded areas or shadows. Interactive flat panels have a high-resolution display and visually stimulating resources for the classroom.

With ease, you can display important learning materials to your class. You can also allow pupils to interact with the screen in a safe and secure way, and we can ensure that all of the appropriate educational software and materials are ready to use on your screens.

Seamless Connections

The majority of flat panels are flexible in terms of software packages. Whether your school runs a Windows, Apple or Android operating system, we can find a flat panel that works for you. Plus, if you decide to make the move to a new operating system, your flat screens will work in conjunction with any new devices you invest in.

We install your flat panels so that they are connected to your school infrastructure and broadband. As long as your school has fast broadband, you can have instant access to a variety of educational resources at the tip of your finger, without any lagging or freezing. For more information on upgrading your schools broadband, you can visit our dedicated broadband page.

Technical Support

After installation, we understand that things can occasionally go wrong. That’s why we offer technical support packages for interactive flat panels and screens. We will regularly check and maintain your equipment, and are on hand to solve any problems that may arise.