Secure Cloud Backup

School Data, Fully Protected

Our school data backup solution is fully secure, encrypted and hosted in the UK. Our SIMS and FMS backup solution is the only Capita-approved system.

Tape backup is outdated, unreliable and work-intensive. Cheap and basic cloud backup programs for schools are unsafe. Encrypted cloud backup solutions are the gold standard for protecting your sensitive data.

We Set Everything Up for You

Unlike self-service remote backup and storage, we provide a fully managed service and control the set-up for you. Not only does this mean one less job for you to fit into your busy schedule, it also guarantees peace of mind because you know you’ve got an expert setting the system up for you.

Secure Encrypted

Your files are encrypted at the source device using 256-bit AES encryption. Files are then transferred to and from the cloud via a secure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tunnel. Once the files arrive in our cloud, they are encrypted again.

Easy Restore

Browse your remote backup data through an Explorer window, enabling easy restore options. Open files directly from the backup data and choose the version of the file required.

100% Secure

Your data is stored in an encrypted state in a UK Tier 4 secure data centre, with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation.

Careful Monitoring

We don’t just set it up and then leave you to it. We monitor your cloud storage constantly to ensure that everything is running exactly as it should.

Disaster Recovery

You might never have a disaster which destroys your on-site data but, if it were to happen, you’d want to know that your most valuable data is safe. Should you ever need it, we offer disaster recovery as an additional service to Cloud backup.

Download a PDF datasheet on Cloud Back Up