GDPR in Schools


On 25th May 2018 the GDPR regulation comes into force and will replace the existing legislation (Data Protection Act 1998) governing the use of personal data. 

Soft Egg has partnered with Their offering with help manage and evidence your school’s journey to compliance, provide all staff with appropriate training and ensure you stay on top of all future and ongoing obligations.

Getting started

Your school is expected to put into place comprehensive but proportionate governance measures… we help you identify where to start.

Your suppliers made simple

Access our pre-populated bank of school suppliers.The software and systems you collect or share data with, must also demonstrate GDPR compliance. Easily manage suppliers and track contracts through the easy-to-use features.

Targeted Staff Training

We have put together training videos and resources targeted at different school staff. GDPR is not only for the school office and school leaders, for your school to be compliant, all staff must understand how to protect the data they hold!

Subject Access Request

Manage all requests through from parents and even staff through the easy-to-use Subject Access Log. Received reminders and assign responsibility and ownership within your school or your Multi Academy Trust.

Data Breaches

You will only have 72 hours to report a qualified data breach. The Data Breach log helps ensure you manage this within the tight timescales even automatically report the breach direct to the ICO.

Useful Documents

We’ve put together a bank of useful documents to help get your started such as subject access request forms, content forms and data mapping templates.

Assess Risks

It’s essential to understand the impact of something if it was to go wrong. Help manage the process of identifying the risk of a data breach, and possible impact of such a breach, within the risk assessment feature.

Don’t miss a thing!

There’s a lot to manage of during the journey of GPDR compliance and on an ongoing basis. Automated tasks and reminders will help ensure you stay on track and within timescales required.

Easily manage users

With a secure connection to your MIS, users are able to be created automatically and managed through a easy-to-use interface.


Is there a setup fee or any other costs?

No. There are no other costs other than that of the annual license mentioned above. Support, hosting and setup are all included.

Is there a cost to connect to our school's management information system?

No. There’s no additional cost for this.

How often is the data updated from our MIS?

The data is updated daily from your MIS, but you are able to adjust this to be on a more regular basis (i.e. every hour). Only the data that has changed is updated, such as if a new teacher has joined the school.

Why do you need to connect to our MIS? is able to manage your staff training logs and alert you of when new staff join the school and need to complete training to ensure your school is compliant.

Can be used by a Multi Academy Trust?

Yes. There is a MAT dashboard, along with additional functionality such as data breach reporting to the MAT’s Data Protection Officer, available at no extra cost.

Does the cost change if we have more staff or we grow as a school?

No. is the only platform that has a fixed price for Primary and Secondary Schools.

Are we tied into a long term contract with

You are only signed up for an annual license which will automatically renew on it’s anniversary.

What do I do if I need support when using

Unlimited support is provided to schools. Access the online support system, FAQs, online videos and webinars. The dedicated team will get back to you straight away by phone, email or through the online support ticket you’ve created.