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Dispelling The Four Most Common Myths About Ipads

Wed 17 June, 2015

iPads are hugely popular in the education environment, but lots of schools are still not getting the best out of their devices. This is mostly due to poor installation and the myths that still seem to cloud iPads, their deployment and their use in classrooms.

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Would Your Schools It Get A Good End Of Year Report?

Tue 16 June, 2015

This year has seen a new Computing curriculum come online, but how has your school fared? How do your teachers and pupils feel about the changes? Is the equipment in your school feeling the pinch? Its time to review your progress and put a plan for change into place.

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West Of England Ict Conference 2015

Mon 01 June, 2015

For a second year in a row we will be sponsoring the West of England Conference 2015. It is an amazing chance to learn lots about the ever changing world of schools IT and we would encourage all schools in the South West to go! For more details read the rest of the article.

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