Experienced Education IT Consultants

Our education-focused IT consultants are able to help your school in number of ways. These include developing existing IT in schools, planning ICT expansion into new areas and undertaking complete IT infrastructure design and deployment for new-build school projects and Multi-Academy Trusts.

Learning should be the focus of all of the services and softwares that a school purchases, particularly when they are investing money into ICT. To ensure that schools have the best-quality advice when making major decisions regarding education technology, we employ both trained teachers and trained IT consultants who work as a team to provide a holistic view of your school’s IT. We believe that this combined approach is what makes an effective school IT consultancy.

We also provide ICT training for schools so that you are well equipped to tackle any minor issues that come your way. This training covers a range of topics, from effective IT infrastructure through to the purchase of new software or technology.

Our IT consultants are experts in education and can offer your school helpful advice, high-quality development plans and useful resources which will enable your school to make technological progress. We can work with you to map out a curriculum for your school, as well as create a plan which future-proofs your school’s IT structures. We strive to ensure that your investment in technology will have a direct impact on the education and growth of your pupils.