Access to technology and the internet can open up a remarkable interactive world for children. However, children also need to be educated about the dangers of the digital world, and teachers and school staff need to understand the correct protection that must be put in place. Our solutions help you to safeguard your pupils. We provide comprehensive e-safety in schools, supporting you in your legal duty of care and allowing you to meet OFSTED’s recommendations.

Content Filtering & Monitoring

Content filtering on all computers and devices will block inappropriate content as standard. We also recommend installing a smart computer monitoring system which can alert you if one of your pupils has viewed something that might be upsetting, worrying or harmful.

Speak to Child Protection Professionals

If you have concerns to discuss and address about e-safety in your school, you can talk to a fully-trained specialist for personalised advice.

Safety at Home

E-safety isn’t just about what happens at school. Our e-safety package also engages and educates parents so that they can reinforce the safety message at home.

Internet Bullying & Abusive Behaviour Monitoring

Cyberbullying is, unfortunately, a common incident in schools and it is only increasing with advancements in technology. With abusive behaviour monitoring, if a child puts themselves or others at risk through bullying, swearing or abuse, you will be alerted to the situation and who is involved.

Support Materials

We support our e-safety services with a variety of materials including an advice website, regular updates and emails. All of these resources provide you with the means to support your pupils and help them to understand the dangers of the Internet.