Get your server in the cloud

Fully Managed and Dedicated Cloud Server Services

Our team of server hosting solution specialists at Soft Egg will design a custom architecture for your school or academy trust. Our dedicated server hosting, networking and storage configuration is designed to provide you with optimal performance. This service also includes constant monitoring and support so that your servers are always working to their maximum potential.

Here at Soft Egg, we have the experience and expertise to create the perfect custom solution for your server hosting. However large your academy is, or whatever your school requires from its servers, we can offer a bespoke service which allows you to operate on a daily basis without worrying about your school’s networks or cloud storage.

Our on-demand configurations are truly single tenant, meaning that we can customise your servers to work for you. They are also extremely secure and, as always, backed by our dedicated cloud support team for schools. At Soft Egg, we offer you ongoing and committed server support - we definitely don’t just set up your servers and leave you to it. If any issues arise, our team will be there to assist you as quickly as we can.

Multi-Academy Trusts

A dedicated hosting environment is a powerful solution for Multi-Academy Trusts that are looking to scale efficiently, need to protect data, and rely on peak performance for the best customer experience. We are committed to providing MATs with the very best server hosting service, which prioritises security, privacy and safeguarding, without compromising on performance.