Encrypted Email Service

Keep your information safe and secure with our email encryption solutions.

Pupil and Student Data

All academic institutions hold large amounts of pupil and student data that can be very sensitive in nature. This data is often shared with external organisations and shareholders on a regular basis.

Keeping this data well-protected and confidential is critical for all educational establishments, since any breach of confidentiality can cause inconvenience, harm and undue distress to pupils, students and parents, and can seriously damage the academic organisation’s market reputation.

Multi-Academy Trusts

Multi-Academy Trusts often share confidential and sensitive data amongst their schools, trustees and outside organisations. This system allows them to do so, safely and securely and at no cost to the recipient.

Use Your Current Email System

You do not need to replace your current email system, or use separate apps or websites to send secure emails. TrustEmail works smoothly and in concurrence with your current email system including Office 365, Exchange and Google Mail.


  • No tokens
  • No hidden charges
  • Includes attachments
  • One simple annual bill

The Information Commissioner's Office & GDPR

All academic institutions in the UK are required to comply with data protection laws set by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office). You have probably come across the term GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) many times and this applies to UK schools as well.

Guidelines laid out by the ICO have made it perfectly clear that it is every school’s responsibility to take the appropriate measures in order to protect any information and sensitive data sent over email.

Schools are, therefore, required to follow the Data Protection policies laid out by EU law when they send, exchange or transfer any personal data through email. This applies whether emails are sent within the academic premises, or with other academic facilities and stakeholders such as designated third parties.