SharePoint & Teams

Microsoft 365

Office 365 for education comes with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, two extremely useful learning tools which will help to foster creativity and develop a collaborative environment in your school, visit our Microsoft Office 365 page.

Microsoft SharePoint for Schools

Ideal for use in schools, SharePoint allows you to connect, collaborate and create with other users and groups in your educational institution. You can set up group workspaces for staff, students and other groups within your school so that they can work together on projects and planning sessions. These workspaces can be very specific, even down to the level of individual classes and subjects.

Users in a particular SharePoint workspace can share files, data, news and resources to help other members in the group enhance their learning and development. You can easily manage and organise information so that it is easily accessible and can be viewed by all users.

SSO - Single Sign On

If your school uses Microsoft Office 365, please contact us about Single Sign On. SSO simplifies the management of user IDs and passwords, for both staff and pupils. It enables users to access their Microsoft network and applications by logging on only one time rather that multiple times each day.

Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams for education is free for all schools as part of the Office 365 package. It is a digital hub which encourages communication and collaboration among teachers, pupils and other members of staff.

With Microsoft Teams’ end-to-end assignment management, teachers can set assignments electronically and collect pupil submissions. Teachers can mark and return the work back to the student in an easy and efficient way, and pupils can have instant access to all of their feedback. The classroom experience can be customised with different educational apps.

Our Support Services

Soft Egg can provision class data automatically so that teachers don't have to waste time creating teams manually. We also provide onsite teacher training and support so that all teachers can set and mark work using Office 365.

We understand that it is important to take security precautions when storing data in the cloud, which is why we offer schools support for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and other applications in Office 365. For more information about how we can help with this, visit our Office 365 page.

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