G Suite for Education

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in classrooms as a useful and cost-effective learning tool. A range of manufacturers are now producing Chromebooks specifically designed for education, and they have become an integral part of many schools’ IT resources.

At Soft Egg, we offer a comprehensive Chromebooks for schools solution to ensure that any devices you purchase are properly set up, integrated with your school infrastructure, and monitored on a regular basis. After all, there is no point investing in technology that can’t be used properly in the school environment!

The G Suite for Education and Chrome

One of the reasons that Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular is that they come with the Google Apps for Education, a set of essential applications which can be accessed and used with ease in the classroom. With a simple interface and access to each app at the click of a button, the Chromebook is great for both pupil projects and managing teachers’ workload.

We ensure that everything is in order with your Google license and help you to understand the operating system on your new device. We also integrate your Chromebooks with your school systems and data, so that everything is easily accessible in one place.

Cloud Backup & Security

On a Chromebook, everything is automatically saved to the cloud. This means that you won’t face issues such as losing data or important documents. For information about how we can guarantee secure cloud backup throughout your school, visit our dedicated cloud backup page.

While simple accessibility through the Chromebook is useful, it is also important to put restrictions and controls in place so that the right people have access to the right information. It is essential that pupils are properly safeguarded and protected from harmful content. We can set up your Chromebooks so that the proper filters and blocks are in place. For more information about safeguarding, you can look at our e-safety page.

Technical Support

Our experienced technicians are on hand to provide you with technical support if anything goes wrong. We also carry out regular Chromebook check-ups and maintenance to ensure that your devices remain healthy and secure. We can offer your school a specific support package for Chromebooks.