SIMs Support

Comprehensive SIMS Support for Schools

At Soft Egg, we understand how important it is to have a simple management system for school data and resources. From managing the day-to-day operations of the school to providing teaching and learning resources, SIMS is the perfect tool to support members of staff as they educate your pupils.

We also understand that things can go wrong with these sorts of systems, and often at the worst possible time. Our efficient SIMS support is here to reassure you and provide support at those all-important moments.

It can be frustrating if you have to speak to different organisations who give you contradictory or conflicting information. With Soft Egg, you no longer need to work with different providers for curriculum and admin networks, Soft Egg provide whole-school support in one complete package that includes SIMS support.

There used to be a clear definition between admin and curriculum systems and roles, but today they are becoming more integrated. Admin staff require curriculum resources and curriculum staff (in particular SLT) require admin resources. This is where Soft Egg can provide a single, unified service to all staff for all systems, without differentiating between resources.

Soft Egg SIMS Support covers all your SIMS needs. In particular, we’ve found that schools need our help with update support, installation of new modules, and overloaded systems or errors during key events and times of the year.

SIMS Support:

  • SIMS update support including FMS updates, Discover updates and support for SOLUS3 or SOLUS2
  • Support for school census and workforce census returns
  • Support during exam results weeks
  • Support for financial year end
  • Assistance for installation and deployment of additional SIMS modules
  • SQL Server updates are included at no extra charge

We cover:

  • All UK schools
  • Academies
  • Maintained LA Schools
  • Capita or other 3rd Party Supported Schools
  • Capita Direct Schools