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3 Ways to Get Your School ICT Ready for September

Wed 02 September, 2020

With government guidelines recommending schools return full-time for the beginning of the autumn term. The summer is the optimal opportunity to ensure your school is ICT ready. This is especially important after months of remote learning to ensure a seamless back to school process for students and staff.

Here are three key ways you can assess and act on to create a smooth return in September.

Address poor internet connectivity.

To reap the full benefits technology can bring to schools, you need to have a reliable and strong internet connection throughout. This can be one of the main barriers to implementing technology effectively.

Use an online broadband speed checker to test your school’s connection. We recommend doing this a couple of times in the day, at different times. If you’re getting less than 76 MB of internet, you should consider improving your connection.

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Consider moving to ‘the cloud’.

Cloud technology can enhance teaching in schools and remote teaching. It allows you to store, manage and maintain documents through the internet rather than local hard drives or on-site servers.

Recent government guidelines recommend a contingency plan for comprehensive remote learning provisions to be in place by the end of September. To accommodate for any immediate local lockdowns that could occur.

This can sound like a major task, so consider the benefits of moving to a cloud-based approach. Such as reducing the reliance on ‘on-site’ servers. Cloud-based systems are secure, cheaper to run and most importantly, enable seamless remote teaching and learning.

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Ensure your digital safety and security.

Throughout lockdown, education leaders and teachers have seen the problems that can arise from poor products and poor implementation. Which could risk not only teaching and productivity but your digital security too.

To keep your network secure, you need to understand and acknowledge the risks associated with cybersecurity.

In a time where schools are needing to adapt and ensure quality teaching can occur seamlessly at home. Digital security should be a top priority to protect your sensitive data and safeguard students.

If you feel like your current ICT systems or processes could be putting your school at risk, get in touch.

With the pressures schools are under to prepare, there is a danger that ICT systems can be ignored. However, prioritised and implemented well, technology has the power to fully transform educational experiences for your staff and students. So, assess and act to improve your ICT systems in time for September to ensure minimal disruption.

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