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5 ways that Soft Egg helps you to make the most of your school budgets

Wed 09 June, 2021

5 ways that Soft Egg helps you to make the most of your school budgets

Here at Soft egg, we believe that we can help your school make the most of your budget when it comes down to your broadband, IT systems and their efficiency. This can be done in many ways which will save you money whilst getting a better service. So here are 5 ways in which we can help you make the most out of your school budgets.

Number one, short term savings.

Often the focus for IT providers is on long term savings, but when focusing on your school budget you need short term savings as well. At Soft Egg our IT services don’t just save you money in the long term they can also save you money straight away. For example, by offering a higher quality service with more on hand support we can reduce the need for maintenance call outs. Updating your systems to our high-quality equipment will also save money in the short run because you won’t have to invest in call-outs if the system crashes or malfunctions due to it been up to date and functioning well.

Number two – printing costs

There will be a reduced cost from printing if you have improved IT systems and e-learning options. With the huge uptake to e-learning platforms such as google classrooms and Moodle over the past 18 months, there is a far larger amount of work that can be done online rather than paper copies. This means that there is savings made on printing out worksheets and assignments as well as the pupils saving on printout copies when handing back in work.

Just think a piece of paper will cost 0.5-1p per sheet plus approximately 1.5p to print in black. With a class of 30 pupils having an average of 2 sheets of paper over a 200-day year. This will save a school £300 per class per year with these approximations. That could see huge savings!

Number three – The School Roadmap

Producing a school roadmap to plan how and when systems should be replaced most cost-effectively, can save you money in the long term. At Soft Egg we work with our schools to plan how best to plan upgrades so that you can use your school budget cost-effectively. If systems are changed at the right time, it will save time through the efficiency of the system and time is money. This will also allow a school to budget when’s best to replace systems in the most cost-effective way for them.

Number 4 – Teacher Workload

Reducing the workload for teachers so they can concentrate far more on pupils’ education instead of menial tasks. Saving the teachers time reduces their time spent on non-productive tasks. Which will increase education quality and improve efficiency. With far more work moving online it takes the hassle out of explaining, handing out, and taking in work as it now is by the click of a button. This may only save 10 -15 minutes a day but it allows for more time to be taken explaining and helping pupils with topics they are studying. Over time this will be hugely beneficial.

Number 5 – Soft Egg’s Service

Finally, Soft egg will help you make the most of your budget through the quality of service we provide. At Soft Egg, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, which allows us to offer our customers the best possible value for money. This is because all of the money you spend goes towards the services we provide; Daily health checks on the systems, Regular onsite visits by technicians, Fast, safe and secure broadband and these are just a few of the things we offer. The amazing thing about us though is that we just deal with schools. Unlike many IT support companies, we work only with schools. Supporting schools across England. We understand the challenges of using IT to maximise teaching time. We know that every little glitch steals classroom time. That’s why we’ve invented our unique approach to monitoring and prevents problems from happening.

If you would like any more information don’t be afraid to get in touch.