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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Licensing For Schools

Mon 09 October, 2017

Microsoft licensing for schools is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your school has an efficient and cohesive IT system in place. Each PC, running Windows desktop software, needs to have its own full license, but if you use a Volume Licensing agreement to install a Windows license on an unlicensed PC, your school will be mis-licensed and in legal non-compliance. Microsoft licensing for schools helps you easily avoid this risk and enables educators to make the most of the software, thereby enhancing learning and interaction.

There are two types of Microsoft Licensing programs for schools depending on the size and type of your institution and the specific licenses and online services you require:


With subscription licensing, you have the right to use the products you license, including upgrades and downgrades, during the license period. Subscription licensing is ideal for schools that want the latest technology at a low initial cost, easy compliance, convenience of counting computers annually, and automatic software assurance coverage.

This option makes it easy to ensure your school is fully licensed while helping you to keep track of budgeting; all of your devices and users are covered throughout the subscription term on one annual payment. Subscription licensing also has the benefit of needing low administration, as by taking away the need to track licenses on every device, it is easier to manage the software.

Ultimately, subscription licensing is excellent value because it standardises your IT platform so as to reduce your total costs while improving productivity and access to current technology.


With perpetual licensing, you have full ownership over the software licenses, meaning your school has the rights to the software after the licensing term ends. Perpetual licensing is ideal for schools that want to own their software license, be able to license in specific quantities and have optional software assurance coverage.

Perpetual Microsoft licensing for schools gives you the advantage of flexibility because, after the initial order, you may place orders for as little as one license, enabling you to get exactly what your school needs. Additionally, you can get Microsoft products through any Authorised Education Reseller (AER).

Eligibility for Microsoft licensing for schools can vary by geography, so make sure to download the Qualified Education User Definition for your location to check your eligibility.

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