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Assessing Your School ICT Infrastructure

Mon 10 May, 2021

A reliable school IT infrastructure is essential for the safety of your students and staff, as well as ensure that your lessons run in a smooth cohesive manner.

Your school IT infrastructure should comprise of a multitude of physical and technical components, including:

  • Physical cabling and data connections that effectively link network connectivity across school buildings
  • Wireless equipment and wireless access points (WAPs) that provide reliable wireless connections (WIFI) in necessary locations throughout the school grounds.
  • The appropriate equipment to connect to the internet, including routers and school IT security systems
  • Controls for system management to ensure networks are safe and secure for both students and staff

The Benefit of a Reliable IT Infrastructure for Schools

There are many benefits to assessing your IT infrastructure and network connectivity. Regularly checking the status of your systems and upgrading or replacing them where necessary will help to ensure your students receive an enriching classroom experience, as well as keeping your systems safe and secure.

Increased Efficiency

Your ICT Infrastructure should be reliable and seamless – allowing teachers and administrative staff to perform their role effectively without disruption or friction.

Having a well-equipped system results in improved classroom experiences, effective collaboration and planning, as well as improved communication between departments, teachers, admin and students. All of which is crucial now that remote learning and e-learning has become a part of the modern classroom.

Enhanced Safety

Reliable safety systems in place to keep your school connected. Our school IT services provides comprehensive ICT support for schools and academies. We ensure your ICT infrastructure is running seamlessly, so you can focus on providing the best education for your pupils.

Our school IT services include traditional IT support, as well as a range of essential and detailed services on both on-site and online platforms. This includes:

On-site Engineers and Technician Visits

Our technicians are al fully DBS checked and are available for scheduled on-site visits as regularly as you need in order to maintain your IT systems and ensure your overall ICT infrastructure is running as it should.

One-to-one Desktop Support

If you do not require an on-site visit from one of our school IT technicians, then you can schedule a remote one-to-one with our team for desktop support to help you resolve your issues without a visit from our ICT support technicians.

Monthly Reports

Keeping you up to date with the status of your school’s IT systems with a detailed monthly report. Giving you the opportunity to implement a strategy to develop and enhance your ICT infrastructure, while ensuring all existing systems are maintained.

Dawn Patrol

We perform routine check in every morning to fix any common issues or minor bugs before the school day begins.

Emergency Response

Our IT safety net ensures a fast response and remote support from our IT technicians and engineers to protect your systems in the event of an emergency.

School IT Roadmap

Receive regular audits from our ICT support consultants so you can ensure your IT networks are up to date in the most cost-effective manner. We also provide support with forward planning, so you can be confident that your IT systems are optimised to their full capacity.

Learn More About the Importance of ICT Infrastructures for Schools

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