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Why You Should Move to the Cloud

Thu 28 February, 2019

In 2017, QA Education magazine reported that, when asked ‘what percentage of your school’s IT solutions do you expect to be delivered fully or partially via the cloud in three years?’, UK schools predicted a dramatic increase from their current usage of the cloud. Use of cloud email jumped from 79% to 93%, cloud storage and collaborative apps doubled from 43% to 86%, and cloud disaster recovery increased by 55 points from 22% to 77%.

This blog will examine why cloud storage for education is rightfully gaining in popularity, and why you should join those moving to the cloud.

Technical Benefits

In a technical sense, cloud storage for education has highly important benefits. Cloud-based software includes built-in security and can ensure the safety of your files. Cloud-based backups, such as Soft Egg’s, can also guarantee the protection of your data – usually backing up at a convenient time to prevent slowing down your connection, such as overnight. Your data is carefully monitored so you can carry on, safe from possible data loss.

Cloud systems also automatically update to the latest versions of software and security, ensuring that your school always has the best and safest possible service immediately.

Benefits for Students

eLearning Industry also highlights the cost benefits for students. Often, students are forced to pay extortionate prices for textbooks and learning materials. eLearning Industry notes that digital content, such as cloud-based textbooks, is far less expensive, and this allows students from all backgrounds to access the same information. Rather than going to a library, anyone can access this information from anywhere – anytime!

Textbooks lent by schools, or available to some students, may also be outdated. This damages students’ prospects and does not provide them with the knowledge they need. The cloud can easily be used to update this content.

On top of this, the cloud is fundamentally collaborative and this access can allow students and teachers to come together more than ever. Its accessibility also means that important news or updates from the school can immediately be broadcast and accessed by all students and staff.

If you are still one of those schools resistant to the idea of cloud storage for education, hopefully this blog has shown you the important benefits that you are missing out on! Cloud storage can save your school money and inconvenience, while keeping your IT modern and supporting your students.