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School ICT Support Case Study

Fri 21 March, 2014

Case Study: ICT Support

Location: Portsmouth

“Trust has got to be an integral in finding an ICT support company that can help your school. I feel lucky to have found them.”

The Challenge

This new build school received large amounts of investment, which provided new equipment and infrastructure. The school outsourced the management and support of their ICT. After only two terms, staff became unhappy with the ICT support they were receiving, and the Headteacher was receiving constant complaints about the stability and reliability of the network.

The Solution

Soft Egg met with the Headteacher and explored way to address their concerns. After a thorough investigation by one of Soft Egg’s technical consultants, an action plan was developed with the school to provide urgent resolution for high priority issues, management of existing lower priority incidents, and ongoing support for any new incidents that may occur. The action plan involved two day’s immediate remedial work. This was followed by weekly visits by one of our engineers. All of this was backed up by the Soft Egg Service Desk for added peace of mind in case any incidents occurred between regular visits.

The Outcome

The school immediately had a stable network that won back the confidence of staff. This enabled staff to be more productive and allowed teaching & learning to flourish. The network is still maintained by Soft Egg and continues to be developed to meet the changing needs of staff and pupils.