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Computer Science Week: A Great Time To Start Coding!

Thu 27 November, 2014

It's almost Computer Science Week (8th-14th December 2014) and there is still time to take part! During the week, schools are being invited to join in with an international education event that hopes to be the biggest event ever to take place in schools around the word. Watch this video to inspire yourself and your school: 

Then sign your school up at: Through out the week, we will be sharing simple and easy ways to get your students coding, but to get you started here are three ways you could easily  complete the hour of code.


Equipment needed: Laptop, Desktop or Tablet and an internet connection.

Age Range: 7-11

Web Link:

This is a really simple activity, which walks your students through the basic steps to create a computer program. It starts very easy and supports the learners through each step of the way. The students can work independently through the activities, which allows the teacher time to support those that need support, or to see how far they can get through the challenges!


Equipment needed: Laptop or Desktop and an internet connection.

Age Range 5-9 (with support for those children that need support with reading)

Web Link:

This is a coding adventure, in which you help Pixel the Puppy by creating simple drag and drop code strings. Again this can be used independently by very young children, but there is some reading to be done, so younger children may need support with this.


Equipment needed: Laptop or Desktop and an internet connection.

Age Range 9-11

Web Link:

This is more complex activity, as it asks the player to write actual code. However having said that, the tutorials are very clear and guide the player through each level, progressing their skills as they go. If you want a game where your children get chance to write real code strings, then this is the one for you!    

If your school want support planning what you will do during the week of code, then contact us via phone: 0845 094 8492 or email: We may even be able to come into school and support your class for free!