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What IT Equipment Does Your School Need?

Wed 25 July, 2018

Over the past decade or so, computers for schools have become more and more commonplace. The benefits of a fully implemented IT system cannot be overstated. Not only are children are surrounded by technology every second of the day, but much of their future is going to depend upon these devices. In the classroom, technology can help students interact with their learning and can be used to help learners of all types – visual, auditory, or kinetic. It is vital, then, that you know which IT Equipment is needed in your school. 


Computers for schools are the most obvious type of technology that you can use to enhance student learning. With so much software being released for almost anything imaginable, computers are a must-have. But with new models constantly being released, and a hefty price tag attached to them, it can be tricky to know which is the best. If you’re looking for something for creative students, for example, a Mac might be the right choice, with its in-built software for music and video editing. At the same time, Macs aren’t the cheapest option on the market. Researching which computers offer the best performance for the best price is crucial to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Interactive Whiteboards

In a previous blog, we looked at how the interactive whiteboard is giving way to new forms of technology. However, the original whiteboard is still vital to modern teaching. Versatile, interactive, and engaging, whiteboards are a great addition to lessons. All that needs to be considered is what size would suit your classroom. 


Projectors, also, come in all sizes and can vary depending on what you require them for. They can be useful in displaying information to a small classroom, but for that an interactive whiteboard may be just as good, unless you want a particularly clear picture. Large projectors are particularly useful if your school uses multimedia presentations.

Interactive Flat Panels

Both interactive whiteboards and projectors are slowly being replaced with a new form of technology. Interactive flat panels are the modern alternative; they offer multi-touch capabilities without any glare or shadow. Though a little higher in price, interactive flat panels could be a good addition to your classrooms due to the audio and visual quality.


Anyone who uses computers for schools will be familiar with the need for printers. It is vital that school printing should be efficient and smooth, and so printers should be chosen carefully. In addition, printer ink can lead to mounting up expenses, so it’s best to look for a printer that balances quality and running costs. 


iPads are immediately recognisable by students, with many knowing their way around them from their home life. However, this can also be their curse, as some students may know their way around an iPad better than some teachers! It’s important, then, to make sure that the iPad is set up and used in lessons in the right way from the very beginning. Once you know how to make the most of it, the iPad is a great tool for learning. 

We hope this blog on IT equipment has been a useful first step to understanding the needs and requirements of your school. Technology can be an incredible way to help students learn and thrive; for more information on what we can offer your school, take a look here.