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5 Creative Ways Students Can Use Technology To Make Their Projects

Tue 20 September, 2016

Thanks to technology, when it comes to student projects there are many more options than a simple poster or slide show. Using technology to create projects is not only a fun and engaging way for students to engage with what they are learning in the classroom, but it also teaches them valuable technology tools and skills. There are an innumerable number of digital project tools that you can use in the classroom, but we’d like to highlight 5 IT project ideas which we think are particularly interesting:

1. Digital Books

With iPad apps like Inkle or Creative Book Builder your students can create their own digital books. Your students can create a book that tells a story, with words and images, or a guide or manual to something they have been learning in class, which they can then swap with other students.

2. Comic Strips or Cartoons

Digital comic strips are a very engaging, visual way for your students to create a project. Apps like Bubblr, and Puppet Pals allow your students to create comics using pre-existing templates which they can then edit and add images to, allowing them to tell a story or share information in a fun way.

3. Record a podcast

Helping students record their own podcasts is a great way for them to work on their speaking and editing skills. There are so many different options, whether it is a book review, interview between classmates, or a report. You can record on a mobile device like an iPad or get USB headset microphones which attach to computers, and then you have a wide range of audio editing apps, Garageband being one of the most popular.

4. Create an infographic

Infographics look very sophisticated, but in fact can be quite easy to make, especially with apps and websites like, Piktochart and Venngage. Infographics are a structured, visual and creative way for students to engage with the information they are learning. In the process of making the app students learn creative design skills, and data analysing/processing.

5. Make a video

Making a video is always a great way to engage students in collaborative work, creative thinking and planning, and digital multimedia and editing skills. When making a film, students now have a wealth of options. You have the more traditional, but reliable, editing programs like iMovie and Magisto, and more creative tools like Animoto which makes multimedia video slideshows.

To make the most of these programs and apps and create great digital projects, of course, you need hi-speed WiFi, and devices such as iPad and laptops. If you want to improve the WiFi at your primary school, and are interested in an iPad solution, or need general IT support, our specialists are ready to give you straightforward advice.

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