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Computing Not Having An Impact On Learning?

Mon 29 February, 2016

At Soft Egg we provide regular IT support, Install Equipment and in a variety of other ways, work with hundreds of different Primary Schools across the South, East and West of the England.

Although all school situations are unique, there are some key factors that inhibit technology from having a positive impact on learning. In this article we will look at the main issues and look at some simple, cost effective solutions:

Poor and Slow Connectivity:


Too often schools feel trapped into broadband services that do not meet the needs of a contemporary school setting. This lack of speed and capacity, stops teachers from using online services, which can have a real impact in the class. Couple this with a lack of investment in the often forgotten wired and wireless infrastructure of a school and you have painfully slow log on times, internet services that are near useless and frustrated learning aspirations.


- First things first, choose a broadband provider that is able to meet your schools needs and can provide you with all the essential services that make this connection safe to use. We partner with Schools Broadband and would love to see if we can provide you with a better service. - Ensure that all of your wired kit is up to the latest standards, ensuring that there are no bottlenecks causing performance to be strangled or impinged. - Invest first into a managed wireless system that utilses the latest standard of wireless signal and can load bear to ensure that all devices get the best possible connection.

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Incorrect Technology or Infrastructure:


This is a two fold issue, sadly most often emanating from poor IT support services and over zealous sales people. Too often schools have equipment pushed upon them for reasons that are not first and foremost to do with learning, whether this is trend, profit margins or technician preference. Also compounding this first issue is the too often faced issues that equipment isn't installed in a way that allows devices to fold neatly into teaching practice and the day to day lives of staff and children alike.


- Only purchase equipment after ensuring that it meets the needs of your school community. You can do this by getting expert advice and by trialing equipment in small batches before implementing whole scale change. We have advisors who would be happy to provide these services for your school.

- Ensure that you buy equipment from a company that can set that equipment up correctly. For example, did you know that iPads can print, save documents to your server and connect to your interactive boards or screens? They can do this with only small expense and the correct technical expertise.

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Stagnating or Uninspired Technical Support


Technical support in schools too often falls on to the wrong people, due to companies with poor structures and inexperienced engineers. Teachers and LSA's find people coming to them with anything that has a plug connected to in. This means that instead of getting time to invest in updating curriculum, training staff and working with pupils, they are forced to constantly fire fight issues. This poor level of service will often lead school IT to stagnate, not moving forward with the times and then eventually lead to all of the the equipment failing at the same time. When this happens schools find themselves without the equipment that is needed for teaching and learning and without the money to invest to change this dire situation.


- Choose a support company that provide proactive, planned and strategic services. Soft Egg pride themselves on offering a termly evaluation and road mapping service, so that we are partners in creating a delivering vision

- Choose a support contract that meets the specific needs of your school. Soft Egg offer a bespoke service, which can be pieced together from the parts of our service that matter to you.

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