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Foldr For Schools: The What, The How And The Why

Sun 27 August, 2017

The What:

Foldr is the new kid on the block when it comes to file-sharing software within organisations and their greater network. It operates on your already-existing servers to seamlessly connect all cloud services and devices – from smartphones to desktop computers. Foldr offers a wide range of flexibility so you can work on a variety of platforms that suit your needs. No matter which medium you prefer – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Numbers, your documents can be easily converted to versatile PDF files, able to be viewed and annotated. Teachers can provide students with detailed audio and even visual feedback with comments and voice notes on assignments, increasing communication and understanding on the subject.

The How:

Since it works via your pre-existing virtual infrastructure, setup is easy. Using your existing user account, Foldr can be set up to connect your home folders and shared devices in less than an hour, opening up a world of simple, safe collaboration. If you should need help, the Foldr support team is on call to help you with any technical difficulties.

Foldr can even link your most used apps together, from the ever-useful Microsoft Word for that curriculum proposal, to the specialised GarageBand for your music class project. Foldr’s own programs, such as their built-in virtual whiteboard, opens up the possibilities for an interactive learning tool for your class. You can even project it onto a screen with Chromecast or Apple TV to bring the whole class together in one experience.

The Why:

Foldr connects your entire network under one virtual roof and with extensive security features and logging tools, you can keep track of who and what is accessing your sensitive data. For easy collaboration and communication with all your staff and students, Foldr’s links allow all your resources to be shared with anyone in your network, with no messy copying, uploading, or memory-eating duplicates. Create once, and share away with either a public or private setting to keep sensitive information private. Allowing for easy collaboration across a number of platforms, Foldr offers an innovative way to bring your school under one innovative, creative, and safe roof.

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