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Get the most out of Google for Education Post-Covid

Wed 28 April, 2021

Teaching in the UK post-COVID could see a new era of classroom education, as new platforms and teaching methods are being introduced through online teaching. Classrooms post-COVID could see the merge of old and new teaching methods as the new normal. Using ‘Google for Education’ is one of these examples; even though pupils are now back in classrooms, there is so much that ‘Google for Education’ can offer.

The Benefit of Google Classrooms

Digital Accessibility

Google classrooms has many benefits. Firstly, it will allow you as a teacher to digitally organise classes; this is done by using the platform to hand out work and assignments. This means there will be no lost worksheets or information documents, as it's all available at the touch of a button.

Even better, as a teacher you will be able to see when or if they access documents. Collecting assignments can be done easily through submitting the work online with a few simple clicks, also stopping the excuse of losing work. When work is marked it can then simply be uploaded for the students to see. This is far more efficient than handing out and taking work in, meaning no excuses for missed deadlines as everyone will receive all the information required.

Communication and Student Support

Google classroom also allows you to communicate with pupils about work far more easily. As we all know some pupils can be shy and not want to ask questions or can be forgetful when told instructions verbally. With an online portal like 'Google for Education', students can ask questions via the portal and can check the information they may have forgotten. Benefitting students that need help but don’t have the confidence to ask in class. It can also be used for group projects allowing pupils to communicate and save work together so that they can all share input whilst at home far more easily. A great plus!

The option to mark and return work online also helps to support shy students by allowing them to request help or additional feedback without the knowledge of their peers. This can be very effective for students who may feel uncomfortable coming forward in front of the whole class. This can then help pupils gain confidence again to communicate with teachers for help on how to improve.

Special Education Needs

Google for Education helps to ensure that students with special educational needs can be given the right support and study materials that are directly focused to their needs, providing an equal and enriching classroom experience. It allows for more time and effort to be put into those pupils giving them the best opportunity to thrive. These students can also be given additional resources or adapted work much more easily; for example, producing worksheets in a dyslexic-friendly font. Once again, these adaptations can also be kept discreet if the student would prefer for their peers to not be aware.

Enhance Your Teaching with Google Classroom

Google shouldn’t be seen as a threat to old teaching methods but more as an opportunity to develop those methods. It would be a shame to just ignore all of those skills developed through COVID and online teaching. So why not give it a go and bring google into the classroom.

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