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​How can tablets support schools in post-Covid?

Tue 15 June, 2021

How can tablets support schools in post-Covid?

Post-Covid schools are starting to look at teaching and technology in another light. With so many new systems and software options, that have been developed over the past 18 months, there are seemingly endless options for schools.

New ed-tech has allowed so many new teaching methods to be trialled and developed as schools have had to adapt to remote teaching. The main things to come out of this are the increased use of e-learning platforms as well as the addition of educational apps to use during lesson times. Both of these options allow for remote learning which has enabled all pupils to take part in a task even when not in the same place. But here we are going to look at tablets in schools, how they could benefit schools when back in the classroom, and how they can improve the quality of education.

Tablets for improved engagement and learning

First of all, we will look at how tablets would be useful in the classroom. Tablets allow pupils to have access to a plethora of information at their fingertips. Therefore, they are a great option when you want to encourage pupils to complete a research task. Because they are mobile, they are also mean no having to traipse down to the computer suite every time a pupil needs to look something up for a project. This is very useful if as a school you have a limited number of computer suites.

Tablets can also increase focus and motivation in the classroom. Making schoolwork more fun and interactive adds extra incentive for students. The virtual environment created by a tablet is stimulating for students who may feel unmotivated by a traditional classroom setting. This helps to increase the forms of learning available to the students. And as we all know every pupil learns differently so having a full toolbox of learning options helps to ensure everyone is engaged and learning effectively.

Many struggling students may be intimidated by the idea of asking their teachers for help, especially if this involves putting your hand up in front of the whole class. They may feel too shy or embarrassed to ask what they view as a silly question. But with tablets, there are many options to get around this situation. The pupil may have the option to ask questions anonymously or through a private message option with the teacher. Hence avoiding having to ask in front of everyone. So, there are plenty of reasons to bring tablets into your classrooms. One of the most important aspects apart from the teaching is tablet maintenance. At Soft Egg we can supply and maintain tablet devices so that they stay at the best of their capabilities. This means that they perform to the best of their abilities and keep the classroom flowing as well as pupils engaged.

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