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How Cloud Computing Benefits Schools

Tue 27 August, 2019

It’s becoming increasingly important for schools to stay ahead of the curve with educational technology, as each generation is more tech-savvy and eager to learn digitally than the last.

The UK government has even now produced a guide for schools who are considering moving to the cloud. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at some of the key benefits that the cloud will offer schools.

Collaborative workspaces available

With cloud computing comes the availability of collaborative workspaces where children can create exciting projects together, even when they’re not in the same classroom. You can set up specific projects and ask students to share their research and notes with everyone involved so that all students have instant access to a pool of information.

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are two such learning tools available on the cloud which will help to foster creativity and develop a collaborative environment in your school.

Flexible working for teachers

Teachers can access their lesson plans, marking and more from all devices and at whatever time is most convenient for them. They can also work more closely with other teachers without having to find a set time for a meeting. This is because cloud technology offers a greater opportunity for file sharing and communal brainstorming.

Instant access to feedback for students

Just as teachers can do their marking from anywhere, students can also access feedback on assignments immediately, without having to wait for a printed copy or feedback in class. Students can also share ideas more freely with one another.

Students are able to bring their own learning device

While a lot of schools now provide their students with Chromebooks or iPads, it’s always good for students to have the option to bring their own learning device. Plus, with current funding shortages, not all schools are able to provide devices for every single child. With BYOD, the pupils can connect with one another in the classroom and use a range of educational apps and resources.

Secure backup of important information

Last but not least, one of the most important benefits of cloud computing is the additional security it offers schools. With outdated modes of storing data and sensitive information, it’s far easier for things to be lost or even to fall into the hands of people it shouldn’t.

However, if your school invests in secure cloud backup, you can feel reassured that sensitive data can be encrypted and stored safely, with the potential to recover files if disaster strikes.

If you’re thinking about moving your school to cloud computing, take a look at our education cloud services or get in touch with us for more information.