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How Could You Use 47 Hours Of Classroom Time?

Tue 24 June, 2014

As IT becomes ever more central to learning, it's vital to understand the true cost when ICT doesn't work as you expect. Just 15 minutes of small IT problems per day could cost you nearly 47 hours of classroom time per year. But it needn't be like that.

Slow login times don't need to happen. Slow internet and Wi-Fi dead spots aren't a fact of life. Software should never be out of date. E-safety should be about confidence in your IT network, not paranoia. And networks rarely cause problems when they're well maintained.

For many schools, one or more of these issues are facts which rob you of classroom time. However, there is always a choice. A choice not to accept low standards, to raise expectations and seek qualified help.

When we talk about IT support, we should talk about support for outstanding learning in its widest sense. It's about removing the hurdles that stop you achieving more in your classrooms. And it's about making IT the power for good that it can and should be.

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Sincerely, Ed Hyde, Paul Guinane & The Team YOUR IT SUPERHEROES