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How to Improve the Network Connectivity in Your School

Fri 19 February, 2021

The modern classroom is an interactive space that encourages collaborative learning and problem solving using digital mediums for increased student engagement. As technology continues to play an essential role in the education system, unreliable network connection can create disruption and a poor learning and teaching experience for both students and staff.

By investing in specialist network upgrades, you create a seamless connection throughout your school. Learn more on how you can improve the Network Connection throughout your school or academy.

School Broadband Services

Broadband for schools helps to ensure every classroom has internet access. Installing or upgrading your school’s broadband will help to continuously improve the quality of your lessons and ensure your students are engaged with an interesting range of teaching materials.

At Soft Egg, we install specialist broadband for schools. This service is designed to increase the speed, reliability and safety of the internet access for students and teachers, while reducing the overall costs related to ensuring broadband is available across the school.

Find out more about our School Broadband Services.

Wi-Fi for Schools

Poor Wi-Fi can be detrimental to planned lessons and your students learning experience. Our school Wi-Fi service provides a strong wireless signal and seamless coverage to every classroom and full grounds coverage. This way you can be confident in knowing that all classes, admin areas, staff rooms, halls and playgrounds are well equipped with internet access for a fully flexible learning experience.

Find out more information on our Wi-Fi for schools and discover how you can resolve major issues including: slow login times, poor coverage and broken connections.

Nest Network

The Nest Network is an ideal way to effectively integrate digital learning to all lessons, without having to vastly increase your budget. This system is an affordable way to rebuild your IT system into a sequence that works for the unique needs of your school, pupils, staff and budget.

The Nest Network is available on-site, on the cloud and across a multi-academy trust. Making it an ideal option for lessons that involve both remote learning and in-classroom teaching.

Learn more about the Nest Network and how this service can increase the efficiency of your administration tasks, as well as enrich the lessons in your school.

Cabled, Wireless and Merged Networks

At Soft Egg, we want to ensure that we provide the right network solution for your school, no matter the requirement. Which is why we cater to the needs of cabled, wireless and merge networks to increase the efficiency and reliability of your school IT systems.

Find out more about our range of Network Solutions for schools.

Upgrade Your Schools Network Connection

We understand the unique ways in which school administrative and curriculum networks operate. With our wealth of experience, we can work alongside your school IT technicians to install and upgrade specialist networks for reliable connectivity throughout your school.

Contact us for more information on our school IT services and upgrade your network connectivity today.