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Ipad App Review And Lesson - Halftone 2

Thu 20 November, 2014

Halftone is a comic book creation tool, which is simple to use, but has a good range of tools. To create a comic, your students simply choose a pre-created comic strip frame, with the correct number of frames for the project that they are creating. They then add a photo to each frame from the camera roll. This can be images from the camera roll, or an illustration from another applications, such as Drawing with Carl. They then add speech bubbles, inset text and other graphical elements. You can also now create film versions of your comics. In my experience, students find this app easy to use and they can create excellent work simply. It is also by far the cheapest comic book creation app in the educational VPP store.

App Name: Halftone 2

Available for: iOS

Producer: Juicy Bits

Cost: (QTY 1-19) – £0.69 (QTY 20+) – £0.34 – Costs are correct for the Apple UK education VPP store at the date posted (they are currently on sale)

Version Reviewed: iOS

Activity ideas: Explanation Texts, Five panel non-chronological reports, Re-telling stories and speaking in character.

Example usage: View the example film created using halftone 2

Lesson Plan: I have used Halftone 2 in a lesson plan, which could be used as a P.E. lesson or a lesson teaching explanation texts. It could be adapted to create a lesson for KS1 or KS2.

You can download the lesson plan from our free resources, ideas and advice website: