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Ipad App Review - Book Creator

Thu 09 October, 2014

Book Creator is a book publishing app, which allows you to create epub's that include video, audio and digital text. It also allows you to publish your books to a the iBooks store and Google Play, meaning that the children that you work with can become published authors. It is a very easy app to use and children will understand the layout and functionality quickly and easily.

App Name: Book Creator

Available for: iOS/Android

Producer: Red Jumper

Cost: (QTY 1-19) - £2.99 (QTY 20+) - £1.49 - Costs are correct for the Apple UK education VPP store.

Version Reviewed: iOS

Activity ideas: non fiction texts, maths calculation policies, story books, and science experiment write ups.

Example Usage: Here is a short video version of the epub, which I created, based on the lesson plan that you can find below (this took 10/15 minutes to create, including illustration) -

Lesson Plan: Here is a lesson plan for a ks1 English lesson, which covers instruction writing.

You can download the lesson from here: KS1 Book Creator Lesson