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Ipad App Review - Hopscotch

Fri 03 October, 2014

Hopscotch is a visual programming application, created to help children learn about sequencing, repetition and other simple programming ideas. It is very simple to use, has an incredibly child friendly interface and is built around fun characters, such as a monkey. There is a premium version of this application, which includes access to ready made programming curriculum and access to all the in app purchases.

App Name: Hopscotch

Available for: iOS

Producer: Hopscotch Technologies

Cost: Free

Version Reviewed: iOS

Activity ideas: drawing 2d shapes, Recreating classic works of art and coding games.

Example Usage: Here is a powerpoint, which a teacher can use to train themselves how to make a triangle using Hopscotch.

Triangle Training Powerpoint

Lesson Plan: I have used Hopscotch to create a maths lesson for a lower Ks2 Class.

If you would like to download the lesson plan you can get it from here: Lower KS2 Angles Lesson