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(App)lan For Primary Programming Progression

Fri 03 October, 2014

The new computing curriculum can sound daunting to some teachers. It is full of new language to learn, new skills to teach and new software to get to know. For some this can even put them off doing it at all.

We are here to tell you that it need not be so complex. You can create a simple computing curriculum for your school just by choosing the correct applications. This is our guide to planning for primary programming progression by using simple iPad applications, most of which take less than five minutes to learn how to use. This means that you can get started quickly, set the pupils off and watch the learning flow...

You can download a pdf copy of this document from our new computing resources site:

If you would like help planning a computing curriculum for your school then why not book a free and impartial computing consultation with our education consultant. He will meet with you to help you generate a vision for computing and help you to set practical targets that ensure your vision becomes a reality!