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Do You Know The Ofsted School Website Requirements?

Fri 02 June, 2017

As part of their pre-inspection preparation, Ofsted Inspectors are instructed to check the school website. If your school is planning on investing in a new website, you want to make sure you are meeting all of the necessary requirements. Having an education IT consultant can prove very helpful in these processes, but here is a list of what they’ll look for, to get you started.

Key requirements:

  • School Contact Details
  • Admission Arrangements

If your school’s “governing body” decides your admissions, you need to publish your School Complaints procedure

  • Curriculum
  • Charging and Remissions Requirements
  • Values and Ethos
  • Exam and Assessment Results

You must publish key stage 2 (end of primary school) and stage 4 (end of secondary school) results

  • Pupil Premium Strategy
  • PE and Sports Premium for Primary Schools
  • Special Education Needs Report
  • Governor’s Information and Duties
  • Ofsted Report

You either need to publish a copy of your school’s most recent Ofsted report or provide a link to the report on the Ofsted Website

Other useful information

These are the details that are required by law, but there is other useful information that Ofsted encourages you to include on your school website. These features and information help your departments connect with the local community, including parents and pupils. It also helps market your school.

  • Social Media Links
  • Events Calendar
  • E-commerce
  • Administration/Teachers’ Blogs
  • Promotional Videos
  • Online registration and admissions forms
  • After school extra-curricular and clubs
  • Feedback Form
  • FAQ page

Oftsted will also look for a strong CMS as a central part of a good website. Oftsted make updates continually and having a strong CMS means that your school’s site administrators or education IT consultant will always be able to update content quickly and be up to date with the new Ofsted requirements.

For the full details and recommendations check out the ‘Ofsted Ready Website Check List’ or contact us to talk to one of our education IT consultants who can help you make sure your website meets all the requirements, in addition to ensuring it is an engaging digital centre for your school community!