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Utilising E-Learning for an Inclusive Learning Experience

Mon 25 January, 2021

Ensuring your students get the support they need to succeed is essential, especially as remote learning becomes the new normal. Educators must implement simple yet effective strategies to create an inclusive learning experience that considers the varied learning styles of their pupils.

So, how can teachers provide a positive, engaging and inclusive education while distance learning is in place?

G-Suite for Education

Using the G-Suite for Education package is a fantastic way to develop a cohesive and detailed lesson for students during remote education. This tool allows you to create a virtual classroom for each individual class you teach. Using a safe single use code, students can join their classes and receive their education safely and securely.

Clear Communication

Clarity and understanding are crucial if you want to avoid miscommunication between educators, students, and parents. Setting clear expectations for your students and clarifying what they can expect from you will aid in the struggle many pupils may experience in an educational online setting.

For example – giving clear deadlines, creating a safe space to openly discuss confusion and better grasp the lesson, as well as letting students know when they can expect to receive their work back are all ideal ways to provide clear communication throughout remote learning.

Using G-Suite for Education is a great option if you’re looking for software that aims to simplify communication between pupils and teachers. It provides a streaming section in each virtual classroom that is structured like a familiar social media platform. Allowing the class to post ideas, questions and more.

Be Available

Being available to connect with your students during teaching hours is vital if you’re going to provide an inclusive web-based education. Be sure to respond to questions in a timely manner, as well as offer regular, virtual one to one drop in sessions to catch up with students and give them the support they need.

Provide Additional Support Resources

All students learn slightly differently. Sharing resources that will assist multiple learning styles will help to ensure that you’re maintaining an equal and inclusive e-learning experience.

Sharing resources to provide additional support also includes providing tips to parents on how they can assist in their child’s education. G-Suite for Education allows you to create a Google Drive where you can share a multitude of educational resource targeted to both the stupid and their parent or guardian.

Enhance your School IT With Soft Egg

Contact Soft Egg for more information on how you can implement G-Suite Education in your teaching practices; or to discover other option that can be utilised to create a stronger, more inclusive learning experience remote education.