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​Making sure your School Christmas Production goes smoothly

Fri 08 December, 2017

Making sure school Christmas productions go smoothly is important, but there also comes a time in all schools at Christmas where the students are too hyper to learn and the teachers are too exhausted to teach. Then appears the DVDs. So just to get you ready for this, we have put together a help list of simple troubleshooting:

Projector – 
Make sure the filter has been cleaned. This stops the projector overheating and pro-longs the life of the projector. The filter is usually on the side and can be easily taken out and cleaned. If you aren’t sure, ask your IT Support.
If your bulb warning light is on or you are getting warning about your bulb coming to the end of its life it might be time to ask for a spare to be bought. They are expensive, but it would mean you are ready if it is on its way out.
If your laptop isn’t connecting to your projector at all, then check the leads. Make sure everything is secure, and make sure the projector is on the correct source. There is a button on the remote to do this.
If you can see part of your screen, for example your background picture but no icons, then your laptop is Extending and not Duplicating. This can be changed by holding the Windows key on the keyboard and tapping P. This will bring up a menu and you can then choose Duplicate.

Sound – 
If there is no sound at all make sure your laptop isn’t muted. Make sure your speakers are turned on and that they are on the correct input (if it can be changed).
If there is sound coming out of the laptop and not the speakers but you have a cable in, just make sure it is in the headphone socket and not the microphone socket (they are right next to each other). You can also try another cable, just in case the one you are using is faulty.
In your hall the sound system is probably more complex than the classroom, so make use you are familiar with what each buttons does, and only use the controls you need.

DVD – 
Make sure you have some sort of software on your computer that will play a DVD, something like media player, or VLC Player, which you can download here -

Make sure you are making a record of what DVDs you are playing and recording this information back to the relevant licencing company -

By Anna Mead