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Mobile Devices: Too Cool For School? Or A Worthwhile Investment?

Thu 16 February, 2017

Technology in schools, particularly mobile devices, is a hot topic in education right now. Everywhere you look online there is a new article about ways to use mobile devices in the classroom, or must-have educational apps. But many educators still wonder whether technology in schools, such as iPads, will really benefit the students’ learning experience. It is a substantial investment, is it worth it?

Well, implementing new technology in schools is not a small decision. It is worth taking the time and effort to find a network design and implementation strategy that suits your school’s needs. But our experience here at Soft Egg has shown us just how worthwhile an investment mobile devices in schools can be. We really could go on and on about why devices like iPads are such an excellent investment, but we’ll just share a few key reasons to get our case across!

1. New level of learning

iPads introduce a whole new dimension to learning in the classroom. They allow teachers to implement videos, simulations and educational games into their lesson plans, allowing for new forms of interaction and creativity. Interactive textbooks, for example, are an incredibly valuable education tool. Students and teachers can take notes and learn with 3D graphics, videos and more. There are over 65,000 education apps designed for the iPad, covering almost every subject, learning style and grade level.

2. Helpful for teachers

iPads are incredibly useful tools for teachers as well. There are apps and programs that help enable teachers to collect work, grade homework and share demonstrations as well as give feedback and even organise lesson plans.

3. Personalised learning

With iPads, teachers are also able to provide more personalised learning in the classroom, tailoring lesson plans for each student to suit their needs. On top of this, iPads help students work at their own pace and in their own style, which is particularly useful for students with disabilities.

4. Save money and the environment

On a practical note, iPads save a lot of paper and money because handouts, presentations, and other work can be delivered digitally. Many textbooks and books are now digital as well. They are cheaper than the paperback versions and when new versions come out you can simply download the update instead of buying a whole new set of books.

5. The future

Mobile is a huge part of everyday life for students, many of which have grown up using tablets or mobile devices, and this will continue to be the case in their educational and professional careers. The role of technology in schools and in life more generally is only growing. So, students will need to be adept with technology to succeed at university and in their future jobs. By introducing iPads early on you give your students the chance to gain a range of valuable skills that they will benefit from for years to come.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to best deploy iPads in your school, talk to our Soft Egg iPad solution specialists. We can give clear, straightforward advice. We provide specific support packages for tablets, and our experienced technicians can ensure that your devices are set up correctly and regularly maintained. Call us today on 0845 094 8492!