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A Fresh Start For Primary School Computing

Mon 06 June, 2016

Lots of Primary Schools are struggling with ever increasing demands on their time and their finances. As these demands stack up, things like Computing get left off the list. Unfortunately, Computing has an impact on everything that you do in school.

Whether you are taking a register, logging your assessment data, writing a report, planning a lesson, saving resources or teaching a class, you will need to use a computer. For this to work properly, you need a lot of things to be in place:

High Speed Broadband - In lots of places, schools have a slow connection, but presume that they have no other options. This means that they are left with an inability to use key online resources.
Wired Infrastructure - Many schools forget to invest in the wired infrastructure of their school, small pieces of older technology can cause bottlenecks, which choke network speed and cause slow login times.
Wireless Systems - Poor advice given and poor equipment sold to schools, leaves them trying to use equipment meant for home systems, not fit for the education marketplace.
Pupil/Staff Devices - Regularly we meet schools struggling with a hotchpotch of devices, some fit for purpose and others fit only for the dustbin.

Without the correct technology in place, computing can only be a frustration, rather than the power for good that it should be. Soft Egg would love to send one of our technical engineers to your school, so that we can provide you with a full evaluation of the technology that you have in place. Once we have this review, we can provide you with a roadmap for future. This will enable you to get the fresh start that the IT in your school so desperately needs.

For a Free Review and Technology Road Map for your school, call us on 0845 094 8492, or drop us an email to and quote #FreshStart.