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Protecting Student Data During Remote Learning

Mon 08 March, 2021

Schools require a lot of intelligent technology digital resources in order to operate effectively, both face to face and in remote learning. As the reliance on IT for an enriching teaching experience continues, it’s essential that schools ensure that students and confidential data is protected.

It’s essential that your schools network connectivity and digital security systems are up to date and working as they should in order to ensure that your schools’ data is protected.

Why Is Network Connection Important for Schools?

Network connectivity has a direct impact on both the curriculum and administrative works in your school. Your network includes Wi-Fi, Broadband, Cabled and wireless networks; it’s essential that these systems are running smoothly for a disruption-free connection in your school.

As school IT specialists, we understand the importance of staying connected. With a wealth of experience, we provide a service that includes replacing, installing and upgrading school networks to ensure seamless internet access across the entire institution, including staff rooms and okay grounds.

Find out more about our school Network and Broadband services.

How to Protect Your Schools Data with IT Security

At Soft Egg, we provide comprehensive IT security for schools, ensuring that the benefits of technology can safely be enjoyed in a classroom environment.

Microsoft 365 & G Suite Backup

There are multiple reasons for data loss or infringement; human error, hacking/ransomware, or account closure. Fortunately, these threats can be avoided with the appropriate back-up solutions in place.

Data loss can be extremely damaging and put the safety of pupils are severe risk, as well as damage the quality of the education they receive. Which is why we offer extensive Office 365 and G Suite Education back up security and support. This adds an extra layer of IT security to your systems, so you can be confident that the safety of your staff and students is maintained.

Discover more information on our IT back-up services.

Cloud Security

Steer clear from outdated, unreliable and cheap cloud security that put your systems at risk.

Capita approved cloud security for SIMS and FMS data protects your pupils, servers and staff, as well as data, files and folders. Hosted in the UK, our school cloud back-up solution is the only Capita approved system.

We provide a fully managed service to ensure that your systems are safely set up to effectively protect and back up your cloud-based systems and documents. Find out more about our cloud security for schools.


Internet safety is essential for students. We provide comprehensive safeguarding systems for schools to support your legal duty of care and meeting OFTED’s recommendations.

This includes content filtering and monitoring – blocking inappropriate content on all devices and networks. We also have fully trained child protection specialists available to offer you guidance and advice should you need it.

In order to ensure internet safety is maintained during remote learning, our remote learning package also includes education for parents to reinforce safety at home. As well as the ability to monitor behaviour to prevent cyber-bullying and additional support materials to educate your pupils and staff on the importance of internet safety.

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Encrypted Emails

A huge proportion of school communications are sent via email, particularly during remote learning. Which is why it’s crucial that they’re protected to ensure the safety of your staff and pupils is maintained.

Encrypted email solutions prevent unknown parties from accessing data or information that should remain confidential to your school, staff, pupils and parents.

Learn more about encrypted emails.

Keep Your Data Safe with Soft Egg

Get in touch to discuss your schools’ requirements with a school IT support and security specialist. We offer a range of services to protect your students; all of which can be easily implemented without disrupting your administrative tasks or lessons.