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Get Your Head Out Of The Cloud And Your Data Into It!

Wed 30 November, 2016

Modern technology is developing so fast that it can be difficult to keep up with it all, particularly alongside running a hectic school. However, there are some recent developments that are definitely worth staying in the loop for. In the UK, cloud backup services have become extremely popular and widespread in recent years, both in homes and in the workplace. Instead of storing information to a computer's hard drive or a local storage device, The Cloud saves your data in a remote database, connected to your computer through the Internet. In the UK, online backup is becoming the norm, making now the perfect time for schools to get on board with this innovation.

It is crucial that school data is kept safe and protected for the purposes of safeguarding children. In fact, Guidelines and best practices outlined by Ofsted, The Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS, point 23), Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), all require schools to securely backup data off-site on a daily basis. In addition, using The Cloud ensures that all school documents are organised, backed up and easily accessible for staff, which also helps school administrative processes to run smoothly. Wasting time chasing colleagues for lost paperwork is a waste of precious resources that, with the recent cuts made to education, schools simply cannot afford.

UK online backup systems are a secure and reliable solution to these kinds of problems. Not only will The Cloud ensure that school data is fully protected, this service also automatically backs up your documents. This means that you can concentrate on the task in hand, rather than having to constantly save and back-up important documents as you edit them. The Cloud is also accessible no matter where you are physically, meaning you won’t have to track down hard drives or memory sticks anymore.

School cloud storage systems also offer disaster recovery. Disaster recovery enables the recovery of data, in the event of a natural or human disaster, and having disaster recovery sites in your school cloud storage lessens the need for expensive IT infrastructure and resources. This affordable alternative will enable your school to deploy disaster recovery options, which a few years ago were only possible for large businesses. Most UK cloud backup services also operate on a ‘freemium’ basis. This means that you get a certain amount of school cloud storage free, with the option to buy more space, as required. 

For any primary or secondary school in the UK, online backup is a modern and dependable investment that you can rely on. If you have any questions about school cloud storage, please feel free to contact us at Soft Egg and we can provide you with information, advice and support.