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School Computer Monitoring Software And Per Pupil Monitoring

Thu 07 September, 2017

The internet is a wonderful tool for education, as it offers students and faculty a wealth of relevant information and learning opportunities. However, the world wide web is full of potentially harmful content, too, and schools have a responsibility and legal requirement - through the Prevent Duty under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act - to protect their students from such content. Although, blocking too much content can have a backwards effect, by infringing on learning potential. This can be a tricky line to walk, but with school computer monitoring software, students can be kept safe while also having free range of appropriate content.

School computer monitoring software has the capability to block harmful websites through its extensive bank of inappropriate URLs, among others, these include websites promoting extremism, discrimination, drug abuse, hate speech, violence and pornography. As the internet is ever-growing and changing, the software also has the intelligence to discover new URLs as they are visited, and assess whether or not the content is appropriate. Monitoring software can do more than just identify and assess new URLs, it can track users to see what content they are accessing, at what time, and in what location. So, if a student did attempt to access an inappropriate website, the school’s administration would be able to take swift action to protect that student from harm.

As students grow older and expand their learning, they can be allowed access to different content from younger pupils, through age-appropriate filtering. School computer monitoring software can be set up to allow groups of students and faculty more freedom in what content they access, so their education and potential are not infringed upon or stunted in any way. There are a number of customisations that can be made to the monitoring software so that every student is getting the best opportunity as well as protection in their education.

The software can also be used in reporting what programs students are using for their education – such as subscription-based learning tools, the school’s own network and websites, or other educational content. Setting up school computer monitoring software can not only protect students from harmful content, but it can help the administration better understand web usage patterns and efficiency so that they can continue to provide their students with the best online services as part of a balanced and comprehensive curriculum. It’s a simple solution for safer internet use.

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