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Why Do You Need A School Computer Support Specialist?

Wed 08 March, 2017

The role of a computer support specialist is quite simply to provide computer support to your school!

A lot that we do as school computer support specialists is problem-solving and we are required to pay great attention to detail. Having a dedicated school computer support specialist gives you the peace of mind that any major problem will be swiftly resolved. In fact, we solve problems before you’re even aware of them! We have extensive knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems and servers, as well as Cisco, Linux and Microsoft products - taking the pressure off you and your staff.

It is a challenging, varied and rewarding job. As school computer support specialists, we troubleshoot and solve various computer and software issues, as well as assist with the installation of new software. A computer support specialist will be there to watch over your school’s computer systems every day and give minor repairs, when needed, to software, hardware or other equipment as needed. In fact, we run a suite of daily checks every single morning to ensure your IT is ready for the school day.

Providing dedicated school computer support, we also often work irregular hours to meet the needs of your school or educational facility. Your school computer support specialist can actually be on-site or on-call if you prefer. Did you know that with our conscientious desktop support, we can actually resolve the majority of issues for you without a visit?

As well as being flexible, a good school computer support specialist - like ourselves - will take time to understand how each school runs. We provide school IT vision an IT strategy in line with your education facility’s vision, to help move you forward. In addition to school computer support, we equally prioritise customer service experience and communication. We encourage regular IT Review and Development Meetings to discuss your school’s vision and IT strategy. We’ll also give you a monthly report to let you know how well your IT is performing. All this helps us to maximise often scarce IT budgets, making the very most of them.

As school computer support specialists, we ensure we stay up to date with the latest technology, hardware and software, which is always changing and developing, to ensure your school is up to date too. We help you stay on track, forecast and plan expenditure by investing in the right equipment and infrastructure at the right time.

Now, more than ever, schools are branching out into new technologies and software, making it essential to have a school computer support specialist on-hand. It’s our job to get your school where you want it to be and to reach its goals. If you’re in need of school computer support, get in touch today! All our engineers are fully qualified and CRB checked, so call us on 0845 094 8492. Or for more information visit our ICT support pages.