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The Importance of Cyber Security in Schools

Wed 07 April, 2021

Cyber security and IT support for schools will always be a priority. It is imperative that your school is equipped with the right security systems and a reliable network connection to ensure that all data is safe so that students and teacher are not put at risk.

Schools are at risk of cyber-attacks due to their existing, flawed security systems. These attacks can be detrimental; putting both your daily operations and complex, confidential data at severe risk. With the right IT security in place you can be confident that your school is protected; whether that’s for day-to-day support, or security for administrative factors, including network systems.

So, how exactly can your school stay protected from a security breach, and how will school IT support benefit the protection your school receives?

Identify Gaps and Threats

Understanding and identifying potential risks is essential, particularly when developing a strategy to avoid failure and maintain the safety of your school IT systems.

Schools must be vigilant with their safety, which includes ensuring a strong network connection for reliable internet use, cyber-security and education around the subject.

Educators should consider the agility of their current systems and identify whether the current security would fail if an attempted cyber-attack was made.

Concerns regarding phishing, malware and data breaches are particularly relevant for schools as they put students at risk of accessing harmful content, confidential data leaks and inappropriate or unauthorised contact from people who may wish to cause harm to students and employees.

When implementing a cyber-security strategy to protect your school’s IT systems it is ideal to understand where the gaps are in your current security systems. At Soft Egg we provide comprehensive cyber-security that covers all bases, so you don’t have to worry that areas are exposed to threats or attempted cyber-attacks.

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Reliable Network Connectivity

As we become increasingly reliant on technology, a secure network in schools has become a necessity. Students, teachers and administrative staff may all connect to your schools’ network on their personal devices, as well as with school IT equipment. Keeping your network secure directly impacts the safety of your internet connection and IT systems across your school.

A reliable network should be a priority alongside cyber-security. Poor network connection often results in flawed systems throughout, leaving your establishment exposed to threat of cyber-attacks or viruses.

Keeping your school connected with the appropriate systems and broadband ensures clear communication with students, parents and authorised members of staff; something that is essential now that schools are re-opening.

Find out more about network connectivity for schools and view our school IT network services for a reliable system that maintains cyber-safety.

Cloud Backup

Having both cyber security and cloud protection systems in place is essential. Cloud backup services are ideal in schools as they protect your FMS, servers, pupils and staff data, files and folders.

Our school cloud backup solution is fully secure, encrypted and hosted in the UK. Meaning you can be confident knowing that your data is safe and support is readily available from our IT experts if you need it.

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Keep Your School Safe with Soft Egg

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