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Fri 25 January, 2013

The Challenge

The school's ICT had been supported by the local authority for many years. During this time, the authority became increasingly stretched, and this led to inconsistent support, increasing resolution times, and lack of strategic direction. As a result, schools have been left with poorly performing and out of date systems, with no clear guidance on future plans for development.

The Solution

Soft Egg provided ICT support on a day-to-day basis. Our development staff then made recommendations on how they could help the school move their ICT forward. We know that waving a magic wand and replacing everything is rarely an option for Primary schools. Often a more incremental approach is required.

The first thing we do is to carry out a full and detailed audit of all the hardware in the school. We meet the school’s Senior Leadership Team so we can understand their frustrations and aspirations for the schools ICT, and how they see role of technology in the teaching, learning, and management of the school.

From this we are able to draw up a proposal to get the school on the right track. The proposal may take the form of a three or even five year plan, according to the school’s needs and budget, with priority given to an area that can make the biggest impact school life. All this is underpinned by our Service Desk, and, if necessary, regular visits.

The Outcome

We all know that things constantly change. We also know that simply doing nothing with ICT is not an option. As soon as a network is installed, it is time to start planning and budgeting for the next upgrade. ICT does not need to be difficult. Soft Egg can help.