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3 Ways IT Services Can Prepare Your School for Reopening

Mon 15 March, 2021

As schools prepare to reopen it’s essential that a safe and effective learning environment is created so both students and teachers can thrive. Transitioning from remote learning to face to face education will likely encourage a hybrid between both methods of teaching.

It’s crucial that educators are equipped with the tools they need to ensure a smooth transition that welcomes pupils and staff back, without disrupting the quality of education your school provides.

So, what can your school do to effectively welcome pupils and staff back without disrupting the classroom experience…

Recognise Different Levels of Need and Capability

The value of adjusting curriculums and classroom environments to meet the needs of all pupils, no matter their age or abilities is crucial now more than ever.

Investing in the right IT resources, like G Suite for education, will help to ensure that resources are available for students at all levels; as well as creating space to provide additional help to pupils who are experiencing greater challenges than others.

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Design Your System Around Hybrid Learning

Remain vigilant and prepared during these unprecedented times. Things change quickly which means schools should be prepared for numerous outcomes.

Integrating traditional and digital methods of teaching and catering lesson plans and homework to both learning strategies is a great way to maintain a level of the “new normal” students are experiencing, while simultaneously easing them back into the traditional form of education.

Variety in the classroom is also a great way to keep students engaged, entertained and interested during lesson times.

To achieve this, it's crucial that your school broadband and network connectivity is up to speed; reliable internet will ensure there are no disruptions to lesson plans and keep classes interesting.

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Rebuilding Relationships

It’s been a while since students and staff have seen each other face to face. Teacher-student relationships may need to be rebuilt as everyone gets reacquainted with one another.

Focusing on accessibility and ensuring your school is equipped with the necessary tools needed to adjust back into a classroom environment is critical. Using the right IT resources not only assists with teaching, setting homework and keeping students engaged; it also help maintain communication with parents who are also adjusting as their children return to school.

With the right internet safety and security systems in place, students can easily adjust to the classroom while enjoying all of the benefits that the internet has to offer to enhance their learning experience. It also means teachers can communicate clearly to parents and other administrative staff within your school via safe, encrypted emails.

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