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Shut Down for Christmas

Wed 06 December, 2017

All your plays are hopefully done, and the pupils are all partied out. So now you are starting to think about a couple of weeks at home.

It might be that you do decide to do a little bit of work over the holidays so we just wanted to let you know a few things.
Please make sure your servers are left on. This will mean that you can get remote access if your school has it. If you aren’t sure please ask your technician.
But it is a good idea to turn all your laptops and desktops off.
We also like to have a little holiday at Christmas so we will be closed – 
Monday 25th December – Monday 1st January 
You can still put calls in by emailing, and any calls that do get logged will be looked at from Tuesday 2nd January.
Everyone at Soft Egg wishes you a very restful and happy Christmas and New Year!

By Anna Mead