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SIMS Update: What Do You Need to Know About Your School IT Systems?

Tue 10 August, 2021

At Soft Egg we understand how important it is to have a simple management system for school IT service data and resources. From managing the day-to-day operations of the school to providing teaching and learning resources, SIMS is the perfect tool to support members of staff as they educate your pupils, but what is SIMS?

SIMS is a School Information Management System or MIS. Its a central location for students data that is collated from a variety of sources. It manages and organises communication with students, parents, and aids with the running of assessments and finances.

Recently, there has been an upgrade to SIMS which may have an impact on your school IT services; this update currently requires the Autumn Census and Workforce Census.

Below are some of the newest features from the SIMS update.

Streamlined School Management

Including exams, marking, staff, teacher cover, scheduling, and student tracking. All of these have become more streamlined and user friendly.

Easy Administration

From data protection and document management to HR and registration, it will manage it all in a single view. The administration has all been bought onto an easy to view site rather than a mix of different software’s etc

Fully Managed Admissions

Take care of applications, admissions, and student departure processes through a single online portal.

Constant Communication

Keep everyone in the loop with coordinated comms, calendars, registers, portals, and parent and student apps. Communication is key within schools and giving all of the new updated planning options available will allow for a far more organised classroom

More Time for Teachers

Securely access information anytime, anywhere, and do everything from writing reports to tracking attendance from a single, shared platform. All of the information required can be accessed from multiple places including home, school and if on holiday other pc’s/tablets. With sophisticated security, information cannot get into the wrong hands.

Custom Reporting

Show all school reports and assessment data in a single view, in whatever way suits your school or MAT.

Cloud-Based access

Ed: Gen’s software-as-a-service platform, innovative technology and modern interface are accessible from anywhere and easy to use. The advent of the cloud has allowed the latest update to thrive bringing everything into an easily accessible location and backups available without using hardware.

However, updates such as these can throw school legacy systems into chaos. This is why at Soft Egg we offer expert customer services just a phone call away whenever you need us. Our efficient SIMS support is here to reassure you and provide support at those all-important moments.

It can be frustrating if you have to speak to different organisations that give you contradictory or conflicting information. With Soft Egg, you no longer need to work with different providers for curriculum and admin networks, Soft Egg provides whole-school support in one complete package that includes SIMS support.

There used to be a clear definition between admin and curriculum systems and roles, but today they are becoming more integrated. Admin staff require curriculum resources and curriculum staff (in particular SLT) require admin resources. This is where Soft Egg can provide a single, unified service to all staff for all systems, without differentiating between resources.

Soft Egg SIMS Support covers all your SIMS needs. In particular, we’ve found that schools need our help with update support, installation of new modules, and overloaded systems or errors during key events and times of the year.

Your SIMS System

At Soft Egg, we believe that these changes and innovations will bring classrooms into the 21st century of technology allowing them to catch up where in the past they can fall behind. Over the lockdown period, some of these changes have been forced upon schools but they can now really benefit after this has occurred. By carrying on with what they have picked up will make the learning experience far more superior than previous methods. It will especially benefit from efficiency using the new SIMS system and school IT services will benefit hugely from this.

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